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Community Engagement

10 Green Community Activity Ideas: Get More Engaged

Becoming involved with your community is one of the best things you can do for the world.

a beautiful mature tree

Start Your Spring Revival

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” Anne Bradstreet
In a welcome shift of seasons, we begin to shake off winter’s heavy and weathered boughs to receive the gifts of spring renewal.

countryside train

Learning to Pack Lightly

On a train to Italy, my immediate responsibilities go no further than the backpack resting beneath me on the speckled gray floor. It holds most everything that allows me to sustain my life right now. Each item is worth its weight; if I didn’t need it, I wouldn’t carry it. We call them necessities—those pieces of our lives that cannot be excluded. The concept seems simple: take with you what you need, and leave behind what you don’t. Yet we find it challenging to omit the excess, choosing instead to forcefully add more things to our baggage, more weight on our shoulders. For me now, being responsible for only myself […]

Tone of Intention

Set a Tone of Intention

We are over half way through the first month of 2011, and although the New Year is often embraced with affirmations, resolutions and goals, January can be a tough time to find that extra kick in your step. There is often a feeling of deflation that follows the festivities and joys of the holiday season. Even on the horizon of February, your energy, motivation, and outlook may still feel heavy and tarnished, like the mounds of stained snow that sit in piles along walkways and roads. It’s easy to forget that when this snow first fell, its lightness and luster was met with many smiles—the first chill of the season […]

Horoscopes and your personallity

The Change in Astrological Signs: Does it affect your Personality?

Recently, the web has been abuzz about the change in astrological signs. Capricorns are now Sagittarius, Virgos are now Leos, and the whole thing is a mess. Apparently, according to the astronomers at Minnesota Planetarium Society, the stars have even aligned to make a new sign altogether: Ophiuchus. What does this mean, and why did it happen? Perhaps more importantly, will this really affect our personality or spirituality for that matter? Before we go into its effect on us, let’s grapple with why it’s happening. While the earth seems solid enough, we actually have a super hot core surrounded by liquid magma that is in constant motion. That magma (made […]

Beautiful winter sunset

Unearth Your Natural Rhythms

We are approaching the darkest days of the year. Every morning, the sun takes longer to rise and unwrap thick layers of skyline, and then barely seems to complete its stretch across the horizon before bundling under a blanket of clouds and closing its heavy lids of light. It’s refreshing to watch the natural world prosper within each season. Even in the coldest and darkest months, there is an ease to nature’s movement that puts our holiday frenzy to shame. If we were to try and move with this same unrefined grace, we may be able to encompass the same dance—an effortless two-step of cadence and flow. Too often our […]

Alone at sunrise

Gifts to Give the Soul

It seems that marking the days until Christmas has become more of a hurried frenzy than an advent affair. Cold days and snowy conditions can often lead to negative outlooks, while shopping lines and driving traffic makes preparing for festivities more stressful than enjoyable. In a time of year that should allow for peace, gratitude and reflection, we find ourselves spread as thin as sheets of delicate ice, with the danger of cracking open at any moment. It takes an abundance of energy to be present for all the occasions of the season, and sometimes the added strain means more anxiety and less ease. Although it can be a challenge […]

Living with gratitude

The Essence of Gratitude

In the autumn months we reap the harvest of the soil and the soul. When we settle into a quieter and calmer season, we have the time and space to reflect upon the busy summer months and soak in the blessings of friends and family. Who, or what, do you have to be thankful for this year? By the time we all sit around the Thanksgiving table and take turns expressing our gratitude, it’s sometimes hard to sum up everything that we are grateful for in just a few sentences. In truth, we can’t express it all in just words. Like most worthwhile emotions and experiences, the power of gratitude […]

Haunted house

A Very Different Type of Sustainability: The History of Halloween

To most people, the idea of sustainability is likely to promote images of recycling, organic gardening, or fuel efficient cars. It can, however, run much deeper and include many other things: tradition, and, more importantly, culture. For thousands of years, humans have done an excellent job at preserving their history, though a few changes along the way is never a surprise. From this perhaps automatic tendency of humans to pass down history, the generations of today have a rich and diverse cultural identity. The development of Halloween is a perfect example. Some will argue that Halloween can be the best holiday of the year. With the perfect excuse to dress […]

The Spirituality of Tattoos

Even in the 21st century, body art and tattoos remain to be taboo to many westerners. Major religions directly forbid it, see Leviticus 19:28, and even some secular people shy away from the stigmatized form of expression. That’s not to say, however, that the rest of the world shares these sentiments, or that people simply get tattoos for fun or recreation. The art of tattooing has itself been around for thousands of years. While it’s impossible to know the exact date of origin, 5300-year-old Oetzi the Iceman – an ‘in ice’ mummy found in 1991 – is the oldest wearer of tattoos. There still is a debate over what Oetzi’s […]