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Tone of Intention

Set a Tone of Intention

We are over half way through the first month of 2011, and although the New Year is often embraced with affirmations, resolutions and goals, January can be a tough time to find that extra kick in your step. There is often a feeling of deflation that follows the festivities and joys of the holiday season. Even on the horizon of February, your energy, motivation, and outlook may still feel heavy and tarnished, like the mounds of stained snow that sit in piles along walkways and roads. It’s easy to forget that when this snow first fell, its lightness and luster was met with many smiles—the first chill of the season […]

Living with gratitude

The Essence of Gratitude

In the autumn months we reap the harvest of the soil and the soul. When we settle into a quieter and calmer season, we have the time and space to reflect upon the busy summer months and soak in the blessings of friends and family. Who, or what, do you have to be thankful for this year? By the time we all sit around the Thanksgiving table and take turns expressing our gratitude, it’s sometimes hard to sum up everything that we are grateful for in just a few sentences. In truth, we can’t express it all in just words. Like most worthwhile emotions and experiences, the power of gratitude […]

Living with Style, Balance and Purpose

There is an abundance of information available to the general public about lifestyle choices and living responsibly.  But people are complex and making lifestyle changes and choices are complex. Nicholas Johnson wrote a thoughtful book (when he was a Federal Communication Commissioner) called, Test Pattern For Living where he raises the question of what are the ingredients of a fully-functioning person?  He begins with a disclaimer:  “No one – save fanatics and corporate profiteers – has “the” answer.  Your answer must be found by You.”  For him, it meant getting back in touch with what he called “his life support systems.”  He started with love and his relationships, time for […]