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A Very Different Type of Sustainability: The History of Halloween

To most people, the idea of sustainability is likely to promote images of recycling, organic gardening, or fuel efficient cars. It can, however, run much deeper and include many other things: tradition, and, more importantly, culture. For thousands of years, humans have done an excellent job at preserving their history, though a few changes along the way is never a surprise. From this perhaps automatic tendency of humans to pass down history, the generations of today have a rich and diverse cultural identity. The development of Halloween is a perfect example. Some will argue that Halloween can be the best holiday of the year. With the perfect excuse to dress […]

The Spirituality of Tattoos

Even in the 21st century, body art and tattoos remain to be taboo to many westerners. Major religions directly forbid it, see Leviticus 19:28, and even some secular people shy away from the stigmatized form of expression. That’s not to say, however, that the rest of the world shares these sentiments, or that people simply get tattoos for fun or recreation. The art of tattooing has itself been around for thousands of years. While it’s impossible to know the exact date of origin, 5300-year-old Oetzi the Iceman – an ‘in ice’ mummy found in 1991 – is the oldest wearer of tattoos. There still is a debate over what Oetzi’s […]

Tai Chi – A Gateway into the Soul

The vast majority of people on earth look for something beyond the mere physical plane, and many religions of the world aim at achieving such a feat. Scores of people see church, prayer, and the reading of a holy text to be avenues to reach enlightened spirituality, but is this the only way? Tai Chi, an ancient form of martial art, is one alternative. With roots touching nearly two millennia ago, Tai Chi has developed into a widely heard of, but equally misunderstood practice. Essentially, the art combines movement, meditation, and awareness in its pursuit for spiritual connectedness, not just to a higher plane, but also to the world. Traditional […]

The Spiritual, Soothing Nature of Knitting

I started knitting in my thirties with other mothers my age, as our young children played.  Life was good.  Knitting was social and fun: a chance to get together. The importance of this simple get together to knit had far reaching purposes. None of us knew how our lives would take a turn and knitting would become much more fun!  For me, it became survival, a way to center myself during a time of great loss.  Knitting can have many purposes at different times of our life. My life took a tragic turn, when my husband suddenly died leaving me alone with our three children to raise. I was completely lost. […]