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Guide to Home Sustainability: The Indoors, Pt. 1

There always seems to be something in our homes that needs repairing and replacing. That drippy faucet, the window that always seems to…

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Upcycling: Turning your Trash into Treasure

Reduce, reuse, recycle – this simple tenet has helped guide environmentalists and sustainability activists alike since its inception. But, more often than not, recycling alone is a matter of media focus.

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Being Green, Being Frugal: 5 Ways to Save Money and Help the Environment

Looking for a quick, simple, and straightforward way to save money and help the environment? Look no further. In this bullet point style guide, we’ve brought together some of the best ways to save money and help the environment. Some of this will be familiar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a second read! So, if frugality and eco-consciousness are the names of the game, what do the plays look like? 1. Get a Green Home Moral: Being energy efficient means saving money on utility bills, replacing lights, and other replacement costs. 2. Eat Efficient, but still Eat Happy Moral: Food is something we’ve got to deal with everyday. […]

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Alternatives to Lawns, Yards for Sustainability

Most Americans long dream for the morning when they wake up to a cup of coffee and stare off their front porch at their immaculate green lawn. To some, the constant hum of lawn mowers is strangely comforting. But there’s a problem: having a lawn is expensive to maintain and largely unsustainable. According to Dr. Bill Chameides, dean of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment since 2007, we seriously need to reconsider the drawbacks of lawns in America. For one, lawns require Americans to use about 800 million gallons of gasoline a year to refill the mower, of which about 17 million we spill. Lawns use nearly 3 million tons […]

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4 Tips on Having an Eco Safe Valentines

Thinking of someone special this Valentine’s Day? With nearly $15.7 billion spent on the holiday each year, it can be easy to forget just how much “stuff” is produced – gift wrap, chocolate boxes, greeting cards. Yes, it can be overwhelming. Despite that though, there’s no need to forget your good green principles while you’re dreaming of the perfect day. Here’s a quick, simple guide to make this Valentine’s safe on both your wallet and the environment. Tip #1 Skip the Greeting Card Save the trees and forget the greeting card. They are a huge waste. Either send an e-card, use cards made from recycled material, make your own, or […]

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The Line Up: Plastic, Aluminum, Glass – Which is the best choice?

As the population of the world grows, the output of trash steadily increases. The oceans are already polluted with dense fields of waste, most of it being non-biodegradable plastics. The first step to combating this epidemic is changing our behavior, specifically our purchasing power. Next time you reach for a drink, what will you choose: plastic, aluminum, or glass? It’s important to realize there is no one perfect solution; every option comes with its own set of pros and cons. That said, let’s see how our options stack up. Perhaps we can come up with some kind of conclusion! Plastic Plastic is an unbelievably useful material in the world today. […]

Natural Gas Fracking

Holy Frack! Are There Real Benefits to Natural Gas?

Better known for its street name “fracking”, fracturing – specifically hydraulic fracturing  –  is the process we go through to get natural gas out of the earth. The idea with both is to crack open the earth, allow natural gases and/or oil to seep out into the wellbore, and then collect. Many argue that natural gas is a clean, safe alternative to foreign and domestic oil; however, it’s hard to reconcile with the clear defects in the process. Benefits of Natural Gas Without a doubt, there are some serious benefits to natural gas. Let’s highlight a few commonly mentioned ones here. Cleanliness – By far, natural gas is the cleanest […]

Green Lighting

Save Money by Saving Energy: Efficient Alternatives to Traditional Lighting

In 2008, US residents consumed about 11,040 kWh per household, and over a quarter of that came from lighting. People often have dozens of small lights throughout their houses – lamps, table lights, and perhaps the occasional ‘Clap-on’. With lighting only being passed by heating as the largest energy expense, if you are looking to cut back consumption, this is a good place to start. There are a number of alternatives to lighting, including both the electrical system it is on and the source of the light itself. Through a comprehensive use of these alternatives, each home in America can seriously cut back on energy consumption for lights, possibly leading […]

Too Much Trash

8 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Trash

The average person produces over 4 pounds of trash a day – that’s about 29 pounds a week, and over 1,600 pounds a year. Seem like a lot? That’s just in the household. When you factor in commercial and manufacturing trash, and any other miscellaneous items of trash production, the average person contributes well over a ton of trash every year. Is this really necessary? We hope not. Here are 8 simple steps and strategies to lower that number. By each of us doing so, we can damper landfill waste, help promote a more sustainable lifestyle, and better protect the environment. Number 1. Recycle It’s an interesting concept, trash , […]

Recycling Paper

Recycling Paper: 5 Things We Should All Do

Recycling is important, no doubt, but when it comes to paper, many people hesitate on what exactly to do with it. Should I throw the shiny junk mail in the trash? What about magazines, let alone books? How about paper filled with staples? These are some pretty common questions, and they shed light on the fact that paper is a huge part of our lives, perhaps more than we realize. Because of that, it deserves some much needed attention. Number 1. Prevention and Education Yup, number one will be a twofer. First, the best way to recycle paper is to, for lack of better words, not to. When I say […]