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What Everyone Should Know about Detoxing

Detoxification – what is it, and why do people pursue it? Although we see new ads for detox diets every day, it’s hard to grapple with the cost of what it hopes to accomplish: a cleansing of the body. Simply put, where do healthy lifestyle choices clash with trendy, in vogue advertisements? At its core, detoxification speaks to the process of purifying/cleansing the body of a drug, alcohol, or other toxins or poisons. As argued by many in the world of health-minded infomercials, our bodies are constantly filled with these toxins through poor choice of diet, exposure to bad environments, and other poor lifestyle choices. Through the detoxification process, however, […]

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Exercise Physiology: Muscle Fibers and Muscle Action

To be a well-trained athlete means more than to simply be healthy and fit. Professionals must also have knowledge in their field – they must be educated on the principles of exercise physiology. In this, they seek to understand not only how to maintain a healthy body, but what it means to have a healthy body. Understanding muscles is a key component to this. What makes up a muscle? What are some processes of muscles? And how do muscles function? Muscle Fibers – The Two Types When looking at muscles, we find out there are two types: type I, which is known as ‘slow-twitch’ or slow oxidative, and type II, […]

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10 Tips for Mental Wellness

Over time, our every day stressors can bring us down. Whether it’s the news, work, family responsibility, or just the plain wear-and-tear of life, at times it can seem like too much. The burdens of life weigh heavy on our shoulders, and we’re left counting down the days until the next vacation, the next little slice of ‘fun’ – the next break. Here are some simple tips to make that burden feel a little less heavy, or perhaps hardly there at all. Number 1. Organize One of the main reasons we get on edge is because we encounter things we didn’t plan or couldn’t foresee. These rouge waves of life […]

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Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders: Finding Rhythm, Finding Balance

Physical stimuli, mental changes, and behavioral alterations all affect when we sleep and how our bodies work while we are awake. Based on these environmental and biological factors, the body develops a rough 24-hour operating cycle, using things like light and darkness as markers for turning on and off genes that influence how we feel and how we respond to our internal clock. Unfortunately, changes in lifestyle and situation can alter sleep-wake patterns for the worse, creating rhythm disorders with potentially severe effects. First, why is understanding circadian rhythms important? Well, for anyone with a sleep disorder, this may shed light on why and how they suffer the ailment they […]

Fresh Air, Clean Sinuses

Neti and Sinus Therapy: Clean out that nose!

Every day, we are exposed to millions upon billions of particulate matter, with pollen, dirt, pollution, and germs constantly surrounding us. Over time, these build up in our sinuses and can trigger allergies, colds, asthma, and many other respiratory system related ailments. While our mucus contains infection-fighting molecules, rinsing or cleansing the nasal cavity can provide immediate relief and help purify the body. Body purification has roots in many cultures, but nasal cleansing is most associated with Buddhism and the principle of shatkarma.  Shat, meaning “six”, and karma, meaning “process”, shatkarma refers to the six steps of cleansing the body. First, there is dhauti, the cleansing of the stomach; next, […]

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7 Natural Cures for Headaches

Few things can be worse than a really bad headache. The shooting pain – the throbbing in and out of tension – the feeling that this may just never go away. And while headaches may be symptoms of more serious diseases, these are among the most common afflictions of all people and usually do not point to something fatal. Looking for some natural ways to cure that headache? Well, look no further. Number 1. Water, and lots of it One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. That said, once you start feeling that you have a headache, try to gulp down a few glasses of water. Alternatively, drink […]

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10 Natural Tips for Beating the Cold

As some like to say, it’s cold season. And while it’s the close physical proximity of people rather than the temperature outside that causes illness, it nevertheless is the time of year we start to get sick. That said, it’s good gear up with some natural, safe, and commonsensical tips for beating the cold – if you get it, or when you get it. 5 for Defense “Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Cliché? We think not. Preparation is crucial in doing anything correctly, whether it’s tackling an assignment at work or beating back germs. That said, the best way to not get a cold is to work […]

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10 Facts about Diet and Exercise

Is it better to eat before or after exercising? Should certain people stay away from weightlifting? Does 2% milk really only contain 2% fat? Which is better, strength or endurance? These questions and more surround daily diet and exercise. Some are easy to answer, but others are trickier. Number 1. No matter the duration, you’re always burning fat While some people think there is a magic number associated with fat burning, the truth is that you’re always burning fat no matter the intensity or duration. As you increase these two variables, the fat burning will rise; however, our bodies will always be burning fat regardless. You can still optimize fuel […]

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Developing an Exercise Regimen: Top Five Things to Keep in Mind

Being healthy doesn’t just involve maintaining a well-balanced diet. Instead, diet must go hand in hand with exercise. Daily exercise helps regulate fat cells, helps reduce stress, and it strengthens our muscles, cardiovascular system, and motivation. The progress of this differs from person to person, however. That said, it’s important for you to develop an individualized system of exercise, which means evaluating yourself on a individual level. First, it’s crucial to note that there is no one universal system of exercise. It would be hopeless and in err for any professional to suggest a single plan and expect the same results for everyone across the board. Too many factors are […]

Holiday stress cures

Under Pressure: Cures for Holiday Stress

As one of my family member said during Thanksgiving dinner, “I’m thankful it’s over.” Now, this wasn’t because of dry turkey, or because they don’t enjoy spending time with family, but because of the stress of cooking, coordinating family members, and cleaning it all up. Thanksgiving, in addition to Christmas and New Years, can be demanding, and, in effect, can place lots of stress on us, both physically and mentally. Still not convinced the stress is palpable? This year, like years before, has seen an increase in fights and trampling at local retail stores. In fact, several shoppers in Buffalo, NY were seriously injured after a “controlled mob” went to […]