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Spring into Action! Making a Spring Season To-Do List

With spring all but upon us, now’s the time to make your to-do list. A well-thought out list will help guide you through the season, it will clearly outline the most important projects, and it will save time down the road. From indoors to outdoors, and from sustainability to frugality, this to-do list will help you in more ways than one. Outdoors #1: Spring Cleaning for the Yard One of the first things good to get out of the way is spring cleaning for the yard. Remove all the weeds that have begun to invade your yard, fix your broken fences or mailbox, trim those now overbearing branches from shrubs […]

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Simple Principles for Smoother, Healthier Skin

Tired of dry, scaly skin, the feeling of roughness, and ineffective, petroleum based lotions ? Us too. This led us to ask, “How does one get smooth, hydrated skin, but in an all-natural and safe way?” In an attempt to bring together the numerous answers, we’ve synthesized the material and come up with a few of our own tips to help you stay feeling smooth! Prep Work First, we should mention there will always be some “prep work” involved. To “prep” your skin to start feeling and being smooth, first drink plenty of water – the recommended amount of 6-8 glasses should do. Our bodies are around 50-65 percent water, […]

clean green home

5 ‘Musts’ for the Green, Healthy Home

There are many things we can do in life to help protect our health and homes. From focus on air and water quality to commitments to the reduction of energy use, we can all help ensure the longevity of our bodies and our planet. Here are the top four ‘must haves’ for every home looking for an eco-safe and healthy environment. 1. Be Your Own Farmer Worried about GMOs, pesticides, waxes, preservatives, or cross contamination? The sure-fire way around these health risks is a simple one: be your own farmer. Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, take a small plot of your land and turn it […]

Microwaves are dangerous

Microwaves: Carcinogenic Radiation or Simple Convenience?

Chances are you’ve had a microwave in your home. They’re a standard appliance when renting an apartment, and since they are very affordable and convenient, homeowner’s usually don’t think twice about buying one. But perhaps you should give them another thought – just because they’re a common kitchen device that can heat up an organic meal in 3 minutes doesn’t make them a healthy choice. While they may save you some time immediately, the long-term effects could very well cut your time short. Commercial microwaves were developed in the 1950s. They started gaining popularity in homes during the 1970s, and it is now estimated that 90 percent of modern households […]

Natural incense

Beating the Bad in Incense: 4 Tips to Staying Healthy

I’ve always been a big fan of incense, so I was pretty disappointed when I started finding articles about how incense can cause respiratory diseases and are usually made with synthetic perfumes and ingredients. According to research, it’s true; incense can lead to asthma, dermatitis, and some respiratory system related cancers. However, as many researchers admit, the majority of people won’t stop using incense anytime soon, myself included. So, what’s the solution? Well, it begins with choosing the right incense, and then making the right choices when burning the incense. Incense can still be a regular custom, just as long as we burn it with our health in mind. Tip […]

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Top 10 Pure and Natural Gift List

Thinking about getting your loved one the best gift of the year, but want it to be chemical free, all natural, and good on the environment? Here’s Organic Soul’s top 10 for pure and natural gifts.  While some of these items will soften the skin and help the person feel young, others will offer a symbolic charm to any house. Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to please for Christmas and the months that follow! Number 1. Big Dipper Wax Works If you’re looking to brighten someone’s Christmas,  as well as offer a soothing, comforting scent to their home, try a Big Dipper Wax Works candle. These beeswax candles are […]

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The Calming Nature of Tea

With the end of the year coming, holidays adding their stress, and the ever-daunting prospects of New Year’s resolutions, it can be difficult to get yourself centered. Stress is contagious and it spreads quickly once you become afflicted. However, there are effective ways of combating mental fatigue. One of my favorites is tea. Since I was young, I have preferred tea to many other beverages for both its taste and calming effects. To me, soda and energy drinks wind you up just to let you down, and coffee never sits well with my stomach. Tea, however, always seems to help me collect what’s on my mind. It offers a sense […]

Natural thanksgiving

Thankfully, Natural!

Thanksgiving isn’t the day before Black Friday, or the day after chaotic kitchen crisises. It isn’t about parades, football or stuffing a turkey and then oneself. It’s about coming home, being with family, and remembering what really matters. Years ago, families didn’t run to the store to buy all the trimmings for their Thanksgiving meal. Every last crumb came from the family farm or from relative’s and friend’s gardens. It was a community ordeal to see the table spread with glorious made-from-scratch delicacies. It wasn’t about fighting lines and grabbing that last box of dried, chemical-laden, nutrient-deprived stuffing mix or carting home a hormone-injected frozen turkey. Creating a holiday meal […]

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This One is For the Moms: A “Green” Guide to Kids

For many a day, I’ve heard my mother tell me about the pain and malcontent that children bearing has brought on her. Not only are having kids costly, but they also demand your full energy, every minute of the day, with no breaks, and no release. Okay, so it’s not all bad. In fact, there is a lot more good than bad. But to be frank, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least tell you my brother and I weren’t always cooperative. That being so, this one is for you moms: a list of things kids, both young and old, need. I hope it makes the job all […]

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Top 11 Holiday Gift Ideas

Yes, it’s about that time of year. They’ve already begun playing Christmas music at the mall, and I’m pretty sure I heard a Christmas rap song on the radio. And with these telltale signs of the holiday season, it’s prudent to get planning on your Christmas list. Organic Soul has whipped up some of what we think is the best holiday gift ideas, all with an eco-friendly or frugal aspect to them (sometimes both). From toddlers to teens to the retired, there’s something on here for everyone. Number 1: Not a gift, but a custom: Secret Santa I realize playing Secret Santa isn’t a gift, so it shouldn’t really be […]