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Raw Orange Olive Thyme Salad

Orange-Olive Thyme Salad

This Mediterranean style salad provides a plentiful array of health benefits! The oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids. The addition of olives provides monounsaturated fats and are rich in vitamin E, along with polyphenols and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Thyme has a long history of use in natural medicine and has been used to treat respiratory and digestive problems. Red onions contain the flavonoid quercetin, which studies have shown to be useful in helping to prevent cancer and reduce symptoms of cardiovascular disease. This can also be served this over a bed of lettuce. Makes 6 servings Ingredients 3 oranges, peeled and sliced in rounds […]

chewy organic granola bars

Chewy Organic Granola Bars

These delicious bars are loaded with nutrition and a good source of fiber! They can be individually wrapped in waxed paper for a convenient healthy snack!

Fresh organic dip

100% Organic Vegetarian Bean Dip – Healthy and Delicious!

Try out this exclusive Organic Soul recipe for vegetarian bean dip – it combines freshly made salsa, hearty pinto beans, and a little extra zing for those who like it!

colorful raw coleslaw

Colorful Raw Coleslaw

Here is a wonderful, colorful raw coleslaw salad with many healthful ingredients.