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Shains: Say It, Wear It, Mean It

Shains are recycled and recyclable accessories that allow you to use words and symbols that “encourage and empower people to make their own statements.” Even one simple word is effective in elevating your spirit and making you think. The idea of Shains came together as the owner Ewa was driving home in LA traffic. The simple inspiration of a power cord “bundler” which she was wrapping around her wrist became the means to an end. Years earlier she felt everyone should have a chance and voice to make their own statement and a “bracelet” could be an effective way. The name SHAINS began as an acronym “Sate How Action Is […]

natural candy from love candy

Love Candy – Delivering the Ultimate in Unique, Organic Candy

If there is one thing I am, it’s a foodie. I love all types of food and will try anything at least once. Some think it’s crazy, but I’m proud of my ever-curious palette. Perhaps more than anything, though, I am a connoisseur of sweets. From sour to fruity and from salty to tangy, I love candy. Once I stumbled upon Love Candy, an all natural, organic, and  unique candy company, I had finally found true love. When I eat, whether it is at a restaurant or just picking something up from the store, I consciously breakdown my evaluation into three categories: aesthetics/presentation, taste and consistency, and uniqueness. Every level […]

Natural Organic Skin Care

Natures Garden Therapies – Handmade products from Mother Earth

It is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and Candace Hall’s journey is a perfect example of that.  Despite her best efforts, Candace‘s baby broke out with rashes whenever a baby product was applied. Faced with her child’s continued discomfort, Candace became resourceful. Through a creative effort, she remedied the problem by creating her own line of natural bath and beauty products called, Natures Garden Therapies. The skin is the largest organ of the body and for many of us we are not fully aware that what we put on our skin enters our body.  Candace’s rule of thumb is, “You never want to put anything on your body […]

Eco Emi

Eco Emi: The Best Source for What’s Good in Eco-Safe and Organic Products

Buying natural and organic products can sometimes be an overwhelming, expensive, and disappointing experience.  Now that you’ve decided to make the commitment to support and use only natural and organic products, where do you start?  I’ve spent hundreds of dollars exploring products that are free of harmful chemicals, dyes, hormones and preservatives. There are many products to sift through, and Eco-Emi, a company that is designed to be a fun and informative way to try new eco friendly products every month, realizes that this is no easy task! At its core, Eco-Emi is a thoughtful membership program. For only $15.00 a month (free shipping), they mail you five to ten […]

good for you girls

Good for You Girls – Healthy Conscious Skin Care for Girls

I believe an important part of parenting is educating our children about the products they put on and in their body.  A highly influential time in a child’s life is when they are teens. At this age, they are bombarded with ads made by celebrities encouraging beauty products that are actually harmful to their skin and body. Providing a healthy alternative to mainstream “treatments”, Good for you Girls has introduced a skin care line that is made with the finest organic extracts and natural botanicals.  They have put together an informative site that you and your teen can use to educate yourself about “Good Ingredients” and “Ingredients to Avoid”.  By […]

Beecology natural body care

Beecology – Natural Handcrafted Body Care

I have reviewed many natural body care products, and have been very pleased with the quality of the products, but what I have found most interesting is the story behind the products; how the business came into being.  Beecology’s unique story is worth sharing. About six years ago, David and Amy Rzepka let a co-worker place a beehive on their family farm.  Through unseen circumstances, he was unable to tend to the hive and David and Amy became responsible for it.  They became beekeepers!  They found the science of bees and the culture surrounding bees fascinating and began attending workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus to learn more.  […]

agape and zoe naturals

Agape & Zoe Naturals: Natural, Healthy Perfumes

The use of fragrance can be a rich part of a pure lifestyle. A fragrance trail can launch us on a journey of beautiful emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, over the years popular perfumes have been made with unnatural, toxic ingredients. Patricia Malemes, founder of Agape and Zoe Naturals, became aware of this when she began doing research on the products she was using. She was angry with the establishments that actually allowed products with harmful ingredients to be created and consumed. And, on January 1, 2009, began a mission to be non-toxic and green with the desire to inform and inspire others. As a part of this commitment she developed […]

Solay Wellness

Solay Wellness: From Salt Lamps to Olive Oil, Everything We Need for Healthy Living

As if it were out of a storybook, Solay Wellness has a beginning that is both inspiring and dramatic. When she was just 29-years-old, Isabella Samovsky founded the company after being inspired by the beauty and simplicity of a Himalayan salt lamp. Soon after, Samovsky began researching the magic behind minerals and natural salt, a journey which eventually led her to pursue her own pure and natural living venture, hoping bring her same realization to other people. Today, Solay Wellness offers entire lines of health and wellness products, cookware, and beauty and skin care needs. Much of it being inspired by the founder’s own experience, Solay has some of the […]

We Wood Watches

WeWood Watches: Buy a Watch, Plant a Tree

“Eco-luxury” can be both positive and negative, depending on the practice of the company and the quality of the product. Ethically, a company must justify its work as something much more than just fashion if it wants to claim the title of environmentally conscious. WeWood Watch, a company born in Florence, manages to do just that, promising a tree planted for every watch sold and an all natural product that is high-quality and all around an eco-safe choice. Using the Triple Bottom Line to Define WeWood The Triple Bottom Line can be best thought of as a criterion of values, as well as the priority of those values; specifically, the […]

Happy golden retriever puppy

DogWood ID Tags – More than just a Dog Tag!

It seems we need to “tag” everything for identification purposes: our luggage, keys, lunchboxes, backpacks, and most importantly, our pets. DogWoodIDs has designed tags made from sustainable Birch wood, each a custom creation. Jeff Heister and Michael Martinez founded DogWoodIDs in 2009 with the goal to produce the most unique, eco-friendly line of pet tags as well as provide an alternative to the cold metal tag. Made from sustainable Birch wood, each tag is unique; all are cut, engraved, and finished to your creative specifications. To create a tag, begin by selecting a picture of a breed or design.  I went straight to the design section forgoing a picture of […]