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World In Your Hands

Google Earth: Changing the Way We Look at the World

Most of us have probably already had fun with Google Earth. We excitedly try to find our street, our rooftop, and, better yet, our car. If we stop to think about it, what we are doing is truly amazing. Imagine being able to take a picture of nearly every corner of the earth via satellite, and then uploading it onto the web for millions of people to see. Well, that’s what Google does. And it doesn’t stop there. The Bite behind Google’s Bark Google’s first feature to play around with, and perhaps the most basic, is the Earth view. As said above, you’re able to vertically zoom into your state, […]

Blue planet earth

Exploring the World with Planet Earth

Expansive oceans, deep underground caves, and vast plains of ice all come together in one common place: Planet Earth, a series created by BBC and co-produced by the Discovery Channel. In its entirety, the series focuses on the different habitats, creatures, and interconnectedness of the world through 11 separate segments that are sure to please both adult and child alike. The BBC documentary was compiled after researchers and filmmakers spent a total of 2,000 days in the field. Living in the extreme habits they wished to capture, the filmmakers were exposed to some of the most vicious weather in the world, but at the same time, some of its most […]

Butts Out Beach

Put your BUTTsOUT! Providing a little help with cigarette litter

Waste and litter are among the most unappealing features of any human in-habited areas, be it a town, city, or metropolis. People seem to be finding more and more ways to dump their trash, and the taxpayer is the one who feels the burden. Among the most unsightly, cigarette butts have always been a personal anathema of mine. Now, though, there is a solution in sight: BUTTsOUT Personal ashtrays. On the one hand, cigarette butts, as we know, come from cigarettes, which are already unhealthy and easy to loathe. But on top of that, about one out of every three of the 5.2 trillion cigarettes ends up on the ground […]

Green Technology: the Apple MacBook Pro

In today’s world, you can’t get far without a computer. More and more, business, school, and day-to-day life requires access to both the internet and typing in general. That said, it’s reasonable to ask the question as to whether or not owning a computer and being mindful about the environment are possible at the same time. Luckily for us, Apple has got that covered with their newest line-up of MacBook Pros, the greenest consumer laptops available. For the purpose of this review, we’ll focus on the largest, 17-inch, MacBook Pro. Unlike companies that have their computer manufacturing outsourced, Apple controls every aspect of their production and thus allowing complete control […]

An app that educates on hazardous pesticides: What’s on my food?

Anyone with a smart phone, be it the Droid or iPhone, has undeniably come across the use of applications. For those who wish to use their handy devices to investigate what they put in their body, “What’s on my food?” – a project of the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) – is a unique source for such a venture of personal edification.  The app sports an easy to navigate platform and gives us the “need to know” on many of our daily treats. Free from the App store, the focus of “What’s on my food?” is straightforward. First, you get a brief overview, which then immediately prompts you to head to […]

Eat Raw and Organically With the New Eco Chef App

Isn’t there an App for almost everything?  And a lot of them are actually useful.  One recent release is well worth the low cost for organic and raw food lovers everywhere.  Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au delivers crisp, delicious and helpful info in a high tech package. First there is the incredible convenience.  This app is like having Celebrity Chef Bryan Au right there beside you in the grocery store.  He delivers super fast recipes that are truly organic and healthy, allowing you to pick and choose what tomorrow’s menu will hold while you’re standing in the market. All of the over 100 recipes can be whipped […]