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Organic bath sheets

Holy Lamb Organics: All Natural Bedding

Throughout the day, our bodies are absorbing toxins either through our skin, by ingestion, or by breathing them in. Each product we purchase can potentially impact our health in a positive or negative way.  As consumers, we must continually make educated decisions; each decision potentially has a cumulative effect on our overall health. When it comes to our home environment; “recent studies show that levels of harmful chemicals indoors , are on average 3 to 5 times, higher than levels outdoors.’(Scientific American).  In our bedrooms, where we spend time for restoration, we are exposed to bedding that has been made with cotton grown with pesticides and mattresses that have been […]

Green cleaning with Planet Inc

Green Cleaning with Planet Inc

Unfortunately, one of the deadliest places in your home is right under the sink. Alkylphenolic compounds, phosphates, dyes, and fragrances linger in the majority of conventional household “cleaners”. Thankfully, however, there are alternative options to carpet-bombing your bathroom with chemicals. Companies like Planet Inc provide us with safe, effective, and eco-conscious tools in the fight against germs. They offer an outstanding line up of cleaners, and all fit right in with an organic, environmentally-conscious lifestyle. To begin, it’s first important to forget the stereotype of green cleaners being ineffective at their job. Too many people today hold the belief that if it is green, it is weak. Yes, to be […]

Big Dipper Wax Works

Big Dipper Wax Works: Season of Candles, Season of Light

We have entered into winter, the coldest and darkest season. Despite its darkness, it is a time of joy and a season of light that holds some of the warmest and brightest celebrations of the year. Candles are indispensable when it comes to these celebrations, creating a romantic ambiance, exposing the darkness, and illuminating the way of hope, faith, and warmth. For a beautiful, natural source of light, burn beeswax candles; they are a gift from nature that embodies a simple and healthy state of being. One of the most dedicated producers of beeswax candles is Big Dipper Wax Works. Not only are they committed to providing a 100 percent […]

J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care

It seems I’ve been continually searching for the perfect cleaning products for my home.  One that’s free of chemicals, uses environmentally friendly ingredients, does the job, and leaves a pleasant smell. Finally, I have found a company and product line that provides all that, J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care. J.R. Watkins has been around since 1869.  They are “America’s Pioneer” in natural living; Watkins uses only quality, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable sources in their product lines.  They also avoid chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phthalates.  Their Natural Apothecary line is one of the few lines to be certified by the Natural Products Association. The Watkins Company also […]