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Cream Progesterone

It was recommended to me to use a cream progesterone at night before bedtime, to help with sleeping. Is this safe to use?

This is a very common question in my practice.  If you are using progesterone to stabilize your hormones and your sleep, it is best to take oral progesterone before bed.  If you are using a topical progesterone cream or gel, it will still also be helpful to get a restful night of sleep.  Remember, that topical progesterone is around ten times the potency of an oral form of progesterone.  This means that 30 mg progesterone cream potency is ten times the potency of oral progesterone. Therefore, an equivalent oral dose would be 300mg.  This is because 90% of the oral progesterone pill is metabolized by what is called “first pass” […]

Feeling Bloated

4 Tips to Prevent Feeling Bloated

Feeling bloated? Are you curious about what in your diet is causing you not to fit in your favorite pants? Individuals vary, but there are some things that every person can benefit from (and reduce bloating!).

sunset field

What Everyone Should Know about Detoxing

Detoxification – what is it, and why do people pursue it? Although we see new ads for detox diets every day, it’s hard to grapple with the cost of what it hopes to accomplish: a cleansing of the body. Simply put, where do healthy lifestyle choices clash with trendy, in vogue advertisements? At its core, detoxification speaks to the process of purifying/cleansing the body of a drug, alcohol, or other toxins or poisons. As argued by many in the world of health-minded infomercials, our bodies are constantly filled with these toxins through poor choice of diet, exposure to bad environments, and other poor lifestyle choices. Through the detoxification process, however, […]

Fresh Air, Clean Sinuses

Neti and Sinus Therapy: Clean out that nose!

Every day, we are exposed to millions upon billions of particulate matter, with pollen, dirt, pollution, and germs constantly surrounding us. Over time, these build up in our sinuses and can trigger allergies, colds, asthma, and many other respiratory system related ailments. While our mucus contains infection-fighting molecules, rinsing or cleansing the nasal cavity can provide immediate relief and help purify the body. Body purification has roots in many cultures, but nasal cleansing is most associated with Buddhism and the principle of shatkarma.  Shat, meaning “six”, and karma, meaning “process”, shatkarma refers to the six steps of cleansing the body. First, there is dhauti, the cleansing of the stomach; next, […]

Beating a headache

7 Natural Cures for Headaches

Few things can be worse than a really bad headache. The shooting pain – the throbbing in and out of tension – the feeling that this may just never go away. And while headaches may be symptoms of more serious diseases, these are among the most common afflictions of all people and usually do not point to something fatal. Looking for some natural ways to cure that headache? Well, look no further. Number 1. Water, and lots of it One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. That said, once you start feeling that you have a headache, try to gulp down a few glasses of water. Alternatively, drink […]

Beating the cold naturally

10 Natural Tips for Beating the Cold

As some like to say, it’s cold season. And while it’s the close physical proximity of people rather than the temperature outside that causes illness, it nevertheless is the time of year we start to get sick. That said, it’s good gear up with some natural, safe, and commonsensical tips for beating the cold – if you get it, or when you get it. 5 for Defense “Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Cliché? We think not. Preparation is crucial in doing anything correctly, whether it’s tackling an assignment at work or beating back germs. That said, the best way to not get a cold is to work […]

Holiday stress cures

Under Pressure: Cures for Holiday Stress

As one of my family member said during Thanksgiving dinner, “I’m thankful it’s over.” Now, this wasn’t because of dry turkey, or because they don’t enjoy spending time with family, but because of the stress of cooking, coordinating family members, and cleaning it all up. Thanksgiving, in addition to Christmas and New Years, can be demanding, and, in effect, can place lots of stress on us, both physically and mentally. Still not convinced the stress is palpable? This year, like years before, has seen an increase in fights and trampling at local retail stores. In fact, several shoppers in Buffalo, NY were seriously injured after a “controlled mob” went to […]

Sleeping in a hammock at sunset

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The importance of sleep is hard to overstate. When we sleep, our bodies work to restore our mood, regenerate our lost energy, and reequip us with the ability to handle stress and think through situations. Then again, with the demands of our daily lives, sleep seems to be the one thing we can cut back on to finish our schedule. Well, think again. Sleep is essential, and enough sleep is just as important. Although people need different amounts of sleep at different times in their lives, the general range is always 6-8 hours (8-10 for the little ones). Just as diet and exercise are cornerstones of a healthy life, plenty […]

Female wisdom

The Wisdom behind Uterine Fibroids

Benign fibroid tumors, or myomas, of the uterus are present in 30 to 50 percent of women in the United States[i] and are most often diagnosed when a woman is in her 30s or 40s. Though there are well-established dietary and hormonal reasons that so many women have myomas, the baseline energetic patterns that result in fibroids are related to blockage and stagnation of Chi (“vital force”), or Qi, in the pelvic cavity. Fibroids give us an extraordinary opportunity not only to connect to the creative energy of our wombs but also to map out the ways we are living our lives in terms of how we nourish our bodies […]

Women doing yoga at sunrise

Battle of the Ages: 6 Ways of Staying Young as you Grow Old

There are many great things to strive for in life: a loving family, a nice home, a good community. But one thing occasionally overlooked is the continued quality of life throughout life. Here, physiological age is pitted against chronological age, while our bodies struggle to maintain youth as the time goes by. Physiological age refers to “how ‘old’ your body is” while chronological age refers to the number of years you’ve been alive. We’ve all seen someone who is 30, but looks as if they are 40; likewise, we’ve seen someone who is 50, but looks as if they are 40. The difference between these two scenarios is lifestyle. That […]