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Buying Organic

Is it hard to eat all organic food?

Is it really that hard to eat all organic food?

Common Studio Green Aid

Meet the Minds Behind Common Studios

Meet the minds behind Common Studio!

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Guide to Home Sustainability: The Indoors, Pt. 1

There always seems to be something in our homes that needs repairing and replacing. That drippy faucet, the window that always seems to…

Recycled colored pencils

Upcycling: Turning your Trash into Treasure

Reduce, reuse, recycle – this simple tenet has helped guide environmentalists and sustainability activists alike since its inception. But, more often than not, recycling alone is a matter of media focus.

Bokashi Composting

Bokashi Composting – Using the Power of Microorganisms

We’re often told not to compost meat and dairy. Pathogens are likely to form, the smell can be atrocious, and it can attract new, unwanted critters to your pile. End of story, right? Not quite. Enter Bokashi, a unique and effective Japanese method of composting. What is it? Bokashi can be simply defined as intensive, anaerobic composting. Essentially, this means waste is placed in an air tight container where a bran that has been inoculated with effective microorganisms (EM) works at breaking down organic matter. The process of usually quick – sometimes providing nutrient-rich soil in as little as two weeks to a month, depending on the size of the […]

clean green home

5 ‘Musts’ for the Green, Healthy Home

There are many things we can do in life to help protect our health and homes. From focus on air and water quality to commitments to the reduction of energy use, we can all help ensure the longevity of our bodies and our planet. Here are the top four ‘must haves’ for every home looking for an eco-safe and healthy environment. 1. Be Your Own Farmer Worried about GMOs, pesticides, waxes, preservatives, or cross contamination? The sure-fire way around these health risks is a simple one: be your own farmer. Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, take a small plot of your land and turn it […]

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Natural Vending Machines: Why You Should Consider Planting a Fruit Tree

Vending machines – who needs ‘em? For millennia, nature has provided us with delectable, nutritious, and convenient treats, so it always behooves me as to why we spending hundreds on metal boxes that usually only contain unhealthy foods. Not convinced? Here’s a list of why you should plant a fruit tree, nature’s favorite vending machine. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with fruit trees, there is a large variety to choose from, and it really depends on preference. That’s not to say you can choose whatever you’d like, though; remember, always be mindful of your climate! Some fruits, like apples, grow in every state, but this isn’t characteristic of every fruit. 1. […]

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Alternatives to Lawns, Yards for Sustainability

Most Americans long dream for the morning when they wake up to a cup of coffee and stare off their front porch at their immaculate green lawn. To some, the constant hum of lawn mowers is strangely comforting. But there’s a problem: having a lawn is expensive to maintain and largely unsustainable. According to Dr. Bill Chameides, dean of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment since 2007, we seriously need to reconsider the drawbacks of lawns in America. For one, lawns require Americans to use about 800 million gallons of gasoline a year to refill the mower, of which about 17 million we spill. Lawns use nearly 3 million tons […]

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4 Tips on Having an Eco Safe Valentines

Thinking of someone special this Valentine’s Day? With nearly $15.7 billion spent on the holiday each year, it can be easy to forget just how much “stuff” is produced – gift wrap, chocolate boxes, greeting cards. Yes, it can be overwhelming. Despite that though, there’s no need to forget your good green principles while you’re dreaming of the perfect day. Here’s a quick, simple guide to make this Valentine’s safe on both your wallet and the environment. Tip #1 Skip the Greeting Card Save the trees and forget the greeting card. They are a huge waste. Either send an e-card, use cards made from recycled material, make your own, or […]

Energy in Abu Dhabi

Tackling Energy in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi isn’t just the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates; it is also the federation’s capital, one of the richest cities in the world, and now more than ever, a unique model for implementing green energy and green energy policies. Despite sitting atop nearly 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves, Abu Dhabi is ferociously attacking the current system of fossil fuel dependence. From modeling a new city with a zero carbon footprint to preparing the world for renewable energy, Abu Dhabi is poised to remain a hub for energy research and development, fossil fuel and renewable alike. With the focused capital and ambition of Abu Dhabi, […]