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a beautiful mature tree

Start Your Spring Revival

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” Anne Bradstreet
In a welcome shift of seasons, we begin to shake off winter’s heavy and weathered boughs to receive the gifts of spring renewal.

Horoscopes and your personallity

The Change in Astrological Signs: Does it affect your Personality?

Recently, the web has been abuzz about the change in astrological signs. Capricorns are now Sagittarius, Virgos are now Leos, and the whole thing is a mess. Apparently, according to the astronomers at Minnesota Planetarium Society, the stars have even aligned to make a new sign altogether: Ophiuchus. What does this mean, and why did it happen? Perhaps more importantly, will this really affect our personality or spirituality for that matter? Before we go into its effect on us, let’s grapple with why it’s happening. While the earth seems solid enough, we actually have a super hot core surrounded by liquid magma that is in constant motion. That magma (made […]

Alone at sunrise

Gifts to Give the Soul

It seems that marking the days until Christmas has become more of a hurried frenzy than an advent affair. Cold days and snowy conditions can often lead to negative outlooks, while shopping lines and driving traffic makes preparing for festivities more stressful than enjoyable. In a time of year that should allow for peace, gratitude and reflection, we find ourselves spread as thin as sheets of delicate ice, with the danger of cracking open at any moment. It takes an abundance of energy to be present for all the occasions of the season, and sometimes the added strain means more anxiety and less ease. Although it can be a challenge […]

Women running barefoot on the beach.

Barefoot Running: Ditching the Shoes and Rediscovering Our Roots

Running barefoot gets us back to our roots as human beings, and back to the time before footwear was invented. Centuries ago, human beings ran barefoot.

Honey bee landing on yellow flower

The Benefits of Burning Beeswax Candles

It’s rumored that the idiom “Mind your own beeswax” came from Colonial America when women would put beeswax on their faces to soften their skin.  If you didn’t “mind” the timing, it would grow hard and crack and the benefits to the skin would be lost. Ironically, beeswax is a component in many modern day cosmetics, so our female predecessors were on to something. Similarly, the benefits of beeswax candles have stood for centuries: they don’t drip; they burn longer, as well as cleaner than their paraffin and soy counterparts. But, here’s a benefit that is not as well known – and the science behind it is almost mystical: The bright […]