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Buying Organic

Is it hard to eat all organic food?

Is it really that hard to eat all organic food?

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Food, Farming, and Health

Earthbound Farms has put together a great webisode detailing the power of organic. It provides us with the freshest ingredients; it helps us prevent filling our environment with chemicals; it teaches us how to respect the environment. If you’re looking for a quick briefing on organic farming, check out the video above! Text from the video: “Of all the different green options before you, the most important choice is what you eat. Not everyone can drive a hybrid or ride public transportation, but everyone can make choices about their food. Organic farming means farming with Mother Nature and the more people know about the benefits of organic, the better our […]

Spring Strawberries

Enjoy Spring’s Fresh Flavors: 6 Fruits and Vegetables to Eat This Season

The fresh tastes of spring are as bright as the sunshine that is beginning to linger a little longer each day. Nourish your body with these nutritious flavors of the season. Strawberries Strawberries are a sweet highlight of spring’s fruit debut. They are the first fruit to ripen in the warmer states, and thrive in their peak season of April through June. Strawberries are full of fiber and vitamin C, and can be enjoyed on their own or swirled in a dish of mild yogurt or cream. “The brighter, the better…” is usually a good rule to follow when buying strawberries. Look for the baskets that are full of bright […]

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Macro and Micronutrients: What they are and Why we Need them

Everyone knows that it’s vital we get enough nutrients in our diets to survive and be healthy. We also know that different foods contain different nutrients. Some of us may even know that these nutrients are divided into two categories: micro and macronutrients. But what do these titles really mean, and what are the functions for each group? The Nutrients Defined Let’s start at the beginning. Nutrients, at their most basic definition, are chemicals that any living organism needs to continue their survival. They help give us energy to perform daily functions, as well as fuel to build tissues and grow. These nutrients, however, are broken up into two distinct […]

Feeling Bloated

4 Tips to Prevent Feeling Bloated

Feeling bloated? Are you curious about what in your diet is causing you not to fit in your favorite pants? Individuals vary, but there are some things that every person can benefit from (and reduce bloating!).

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Does Organic versus non Organic food really make a difference in nutrients, or is it just the hormones and pesticides that we need to be careful of?

This is a great question and continues to be topic of debate. First of all, there is very little difference in actual nutrient content of an organic vs. non-organic food.

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What Everyone Should Know about Detoxing

Detoxification – what is it, and why do people pursue it? Although we see new ads for detox diets every day, it’s hard to grapple with the cost of what it hopes to accomplish: a cleansing of the body. Simply put, where do healthy lifestyle choices clash with trendy, in vogue advertisements? At its core, detoxification speaks to the process of purifying/cleansing the body of a drug, alcohol, or other toxins or poisons. As argued by many in the world of health-minded infomercials, our bodies are constantly filled with these toxins through poor choice of diet, exposure to bad environments, and other poor lifestyle choices. Through the detoxification process, however, […]

Healthy Veggies

Becoming a Veg-Head – The Benefits of Veggies

It’s as if every parent knows one cardinal rule: eat your veggies! Spinach, broccoli, carrots – you name it, you should be eating it. But to play the role of the questionable adolescent, I ask why? What’s the point? Can’t we just take supplements, or better yet, just eat the tasty ones? Almost everyone needs to eat more veggies, and there’s no doubt about that. With the spike in obesity rates, exacerbation of poor lifestyle choices, and growing propensity for Americans to have some kind of preventable disease, it’s clear that the quick, easy, and greasy foods are winning a battle they should not – and the prize is the […]

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Natural Vending Machines: Why You Should Consider Planting a Fruit Tree

Vending machines – who needs ‘em? For millennia, nature has provided us with delectable, nutritious, and convenient treats, so it always behooves me as to why we spending hundreds on metal boxes that usually only contain unhealthy foods. Not convinced? Here’s a list of why you should plant a fruit tree, nature’s favorite vending machine. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with fruit trees, there is a large variety to choose from, and it really depends on preference. That’s not to say you can choose whatever you’d like, though; remember, always be mindful of your climate! Some fruits, like apples, grow in every state, but this isn’t characteristic of every fruit. 1. […]

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How to Eat: A Guide for Healthy, Aware Eaters

As an Organic Soul reader recently brought up to me over email, “One thing that I have not seen covered on the internet, or even in books, is this – how to eat food…This is not what to eat or when, but how.” At first, I was taken aback by the seemingly simple notion of how to eat: don’t we all know how to eat? But with further consideration, it struck me that the reader was exactly right. Sure, we all know what eating is; in fact, it seems a straightforward process. Find food, put in mouth, chew, and swallow (oh, and stop when you’re full). While this may be […]