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A Kid Outside

Do you think it’s important to teach your children about environmentalism?

How do you impress values of environmental awareness? Or do you? Why or why not?

beautiful farm

Food, Farming, and Health

Earthbound Farms has put together a great webisode detailing the power of organic. It provides us with the freshest ingredients; it helps us prevent filling our environment with chemicals; it teaches us how to respect the environment. If you’re looking for a quick briefing on organic farming, check out the video above! Text from the video: “Of all the different green options before you, the most important choice is what you eat. Not everyone can drive a hybrid or ride public transportation, but everyone can make choices about their food. Organic farming means farming with Mother Nature and the more people know about the benefits of organic, the better our […]

Trees for the Future

50 Million Trees and Counting: Trees for the Future

Here’s a great video from Trees for the Future, one of the non-profit organizations Organic Soul will be donating to. In the video, you’ll hear from Dave Deppner, the founder of Trees for the Future. He describes the journey of the organization and the work they do today. Also, hear about their unique idea of garden-forests – sustainably grown forests that also provide locals with resources needed to make sure they can can sustain themselves and generations to come. Check out Trees for the Future online and also see their Charity Profile on Organic Soul! Here’s the description on the video: “Communities around the world turn to Trees for the […]

Super Moon

Understanding the Moon: Supermoon Basics

With the devastating events that have occurred in Japan this last week, our celestial bodies have been getting a lot of attention, especially the moon and especially the upcoming extreme “supermoon”, as it has been dubbed by some. First, what is the supermoon? Despite its startling name, one that was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle back in 1979, the supermoon speaks more to the relationship it shares with the Earth than some special attributes or characteristics of the moon itself. The term is meant to explain the phenomenon of “perigee-syzygy”, or a “new or full Moon (syzygy) which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest […]

Conventional Farming

Is Organic Food Really Healthier for You? Part II

We’ve heard what proponents of organic food have had to say: they hold that organic is tastier, more nutritional, better for the environment, and ethically  a better choice for the future. But what about the other side? Surely, those in the business of growing conventional foods don’t want to be demonized, and because of that, we can expect to hear some serious arguments coming out of that camp. So, now that we are settled in to part II, let’s hear what they have to say. Con – Organic Food is not Healthier for You “Don’t Believe the Pesticide and Fertilizer Argument” While supporters of organic food push hard that pesticides […]

Is Organic Healthier

Is Organic Food Really Healthier for You? Part I

There has long been a debate about the benefits of organic food, and in some cases, science seems to support both sides. Nevertheless, many advocates for organic food argue it’s better tasting, more nutritional, better on the environment, and ethically more appealing. Opponents argue just the opposite: conventionally grown food is just as nutritional, healthy, delicious, and ethical. Who is right? Well, the answer may surprise you. In the first part of this duet, we’ll listen to the arguments in favor of organic food. Pro – Organic food is Healthier for you First, what is organic? Briefly defined, we can consider organic as something that is grown naturally; that is, […]

Green Ethics

The Ethical Appeal of Organic

Ethics serve as a set of moral standards that guide our decisions between right and wrong. Through them, we develop rules, an understanding of fairness, and a criteria by which to judge our actions and our lives. This notion is found in business, family, and friendship. In addition to that, however, ethics transcend into lifestyle. How ethically do you live, even when it comes down to the food you eat and the clothes you wear? Before be begin to answer this question and more, let’s define ‘organic’ as well. At its most basic level, organic is defined as “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms.” Some might say this […]

Rainy City

Looking for the Sunshine in the Stormy Weather: The Danger of Urban Runoff

Nine months out of the year, Los Angeles, California sees nothing but blue skies and sunshine. Those other three months, however, are made up of LA’s rainy season, a time when hundreds of millions of gallons of rainwater make their way through every crack, crevasse, and concrete lined river. The result is a toxic soup, filled with chemical pollutants and bacteria, leaking its way into the ocean; unfortunately, the problem is not unique to just Los Angeles. First, let’s understand exactly what urban runoff is. Whenever water makes its journey from our streets or lawns to the ocean, it can be considered runoff. The driveways, sidewalks, and streets – all […]

Rising sea levels

Going Under: Nations under Siege by Seas

An AP report raised an interesting question last week: if seas swallow an island state, is it still a nation? With water rising worldwide, some parts of countries – and some entire countries themselves – have been facing the rising tide with wavering eyes. Truly, there is no simple solution. Locals tirelessly spend their days piling rocks in front of their home, but whether that can last is a question with dim prospects. A number of places across the globe are seeing the same epidemic. As melting ice sheets and glaciers pour into oceans at unthought-of levels, scientists are attempting to understand the issue and provide practical solutions. Scientists at […]

Blue planet earth

Exploring the World with Planet Earth

Expansive oceans, deep underground caves, and vast plains of ice all come together in one common place: Planet Earth, a series created by BBC and co-produced by the Discovery Channel. In its entirety, the series focuses on the different habitats, creatures, and interconnectedness of the world through 11 separate segments that are sure to please both adult and child alike. The BBC documentary was compiled after researchers and filmmakers spent a total of 2,000 days in the field. Living in the extreme habits they wished to capture, the filmmakers were exposed to some of the most vicious weather in the world, but at the same time, some of its most […]